About Us


At West Canada Homes we believe in the power of collaboration, inquiry and innovation. We take pride in our commitment to outstanding design and craftmanship.

From mountain-side hideaways to New York-style loft condominiums, our productions are thoughtful, tactile and inviting.

Asahi and Mangetsu


From conception to completion, our team is committed to the success of your project and building long-term valued relationships with our clients.


We are an internationally recognized firm that for the past 15 years has embraced a highly diverse range of clients.



Each new project begins with a careful study of the project and thoughtful investigation of the client's objectives.

Once these parameters are established the process is one of inspired and open collaboration with clients and consultants.


A place unlike any other in the world.

Located in Hokkaido, Japan, Niseko has become an internationally acclaimed destination for winter sport enthusiasts thanks to the quality and consistency of powder snow, with annual falls in excess of 15 metres.