Building a home in another country can be both exciting and intimidating. You can rest assured, knowing that West Canada Homes has the unmatched ability to help you realize your dream.

Hukarere 046

"In the design phase, there was clear differentiation in terms of experience which translates into thoughtfulness on design ideas down to the smallest details. The sheer depth of experience coupled with ownership and pride that WCH took in the project was a powerful combination that led us to look forward to WCH's helpful feedback every week as we drew closer and closer to breaking ground on the house".

"At every step of the way, in working with the team, we felt there was a high level of trustworthiness and integrity that was important as we watched the house take shape from a distance through weekly reports and remains to us today as friends and owners".

"Many fine points we hadn’t considered were designed into the house elegantly and practically. The work quality is like nothing we’ve seen working on homes in other cities".

"We have received numerous compliments from our house guests over the past 15 months and we, ourselves are very comfortable living in the 'home' built for us by WCH. Shall we ever build another property in Japan, WCH would be our first choice".