Suiboku is a Japanese term referring to the light and dark shading of traditional Japanese painting. The name couldn’t be more apt for these stunning serviced lofts.From the exterior architecture to the interior design, the boutique accommodation - comprising only 10 luxury lofts - is a statement of contrasts.

A bold punctuation mark stamped across the blanket of vast snowy terrain, the midnight-black exterior of Suiboku is strikingly geometric against the soft canvas of fluffy white. West Canada Homes brought together the clients hopes and dreams and blended them seamlessly with the technical skills and vision of one of the most renowned Japanese architects, Atelier BNK.

The resulting combination was a perfect match of a completely modern, industrial aesthetic with the fundamentals of Japanese interior design. The lofts, which span two-bedroom duplexes to five bedroom duplexes and range from 1,600 sq ft to 3,200 sq ft, feature cool, hard edges, most of which are rendered in concrete, softened by judiciously chosen furnishings.

Traditional mushiro (bamboo) rugs, screens, tatami mats and handsome nara wood flooring (complete with under-floor heating throughout, of course) further enhance the feeling of warmth within the cool concrete frame. The contrast continues with each loft’s interior architecture. The high ceilings appear even loftier by virtue of the streamlined settees and daybeds.